RCC Waterproofing Sponsors Huge Seedling Giveaway

  • RCC White Pine
    RCC White Pine

    Million Tree Challenge

  • Lots of little trees ready to be planted
    Lots of little trees ready to be planted

    Value of Trees

  • Volunteer's ready to plant trees
    Volunteer's ready to plant trees

    Million Tree Challenge

  • The RCC Running Team
    The RCC Running Team

    RCC in Action

  • RCC in Action
    RCC in Action
  • Lined up and ready to run
    Lined up and ready to run

    RCC in Action

  • The run has started
    The run has started

    RCC in Action

Million Tree Challenge

Million Tree Challenge Partner, RCC Waterproofing, stepped up and generously sponsored 1,000 native trees seedlings for giveaway at the 2015 London Life Forest City Road Races. For the past four years, native tree seedlings have been given out at the Forest City Road Races – a Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge. Each year it has been popular with participants but costly for Reforest London until this year, for the first time, a sponsor was found to cover the cost of these baby trees.


Toronto's Sporting Life 10km Marathon Run

In 2009 and 2010, RCC were proud sponsors and runners for the 10k Sporting Life Run. Sporting Life Run is a 10 kilometer run that starts from Toronto's iconic Yonge St. where runners then race downhill [South], through the Entertainment District, then finish at Fort York Blvd. The money raided from the run helps send a child with cancer to camp. For more information about the run or if you like to participate, click here.

CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish

The CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish was originally established in 1966 as CHUM’s Kid’s Crusade Foundation, for the purpose of assisting children in need and children’s charities. Known under its new name for the past 8 years, CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish is the largest toy distributer in the GTA.

On Friday, December 5th, 2017 Tony Romanelli and his team from RCC Waterproofing donated over 20 skids of toys filling 2 trucks, with a value of $108,000. To date, this is the largest donation Vaughan has received this year for the toy drive! 

Watch the interview on CP24 HERE.

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